thorXtri - an extreme full distance triathlon on south western part of Norway. It has a chilly 3800 meter fjord swim, 183 km curvy and hilly bike course and a 42 km long spectacular seaside run to finish off at historical 3 swords in mountain site in Stavanger. 

Race Course

Swim Leg: (no need to download gpx file - just head for the lights at the end of the fjord!=

A point-to-point fjord swim starting at Geitaneset Light house just under the famous Kjerag bolt. It is a 3800 meters distance, expect cold conditions and a rough swim due to local hydro power plants and river next to Lysebotn Pier sends refreshing mountain water from the platau 800-1000 meters above into the fjord. The swim exit is next to Lysebotn Pier.


Bike Course: (press bike map for link to Strava file)

The bike course involves a tough climb up from Lysebotn to the peak at 932 meters above sea level, and a total of approx 2400 height meters before finishing at Bore. It will be a ride through fairy tale land including fjords, climbs, valley, rivers and finishing off at the flat farm land off the Northsea coastal line. PS! T2 has been moved down to beachside with thorXtri SPA facilities and toilets(!).


Run leg: (press run map for link to Strava file)

The run leg take you seaside from Bore to Stavanger. It is mostly gravel road, farm roads, tarmac and finish off with a spectacular run in between sea houses at the end, before ending up at the 3 swords site - a historical landmark for the viking battle in year 872 which united Norway under one King.